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    Restore system properties

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    BDD-like documentation

JDD 2015 - Smarter Java code testing with Spock Framework (advanced features)

Spock Framework is increasingly used to create automatic tests for production code written in Java. Thanks to a DSL based on Groovy language Spock allows to create more compact constructions with much better readability.

During my presentation I will show number of advanced and less known features, the use of which can simplify testing our code even more. I will present also a few new features which officially became available in recently released version 1.0.

This will NOT be a presentation about Spock basics. Nevertheless thanks to its natural clarity even people new to Spock should not have problems to follow and benefit.

(slides available here)

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    Remembered Set

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    Copy algorithms

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    G1 tuning

Confitura 2015 - -XX:+UseG1GC

Since JDK 9 G1 will be default GC algorithm. Meanwhile, the level of its usage or just knowledge of the principles is much lower when compared to the number of myths and urban legends. We should know, that G1 introduces revolutionizing approach to memory management in the JVM by changing both the current structure of the heap and way of running major and minor collections. But unfortunately there are still some "childhood diseases" we should be aware of. During the presentation, I will describe the algorithm, its characteristics and the real possibility of usage on a daily basis. We'll also discus some tricks allowing for stress-free deployment and optimization.

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