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For all of us work and passion are two sides of the same coin

Dear Customer - Since agile methodology describes our approach best, we hereby make this manifesto (published here thanks to Tomek Wlodarek's relationship with our geeklab)

We are professionals knowing their craft and tools of trade. We are aware that during a project:

  • requirements and other influential factors may change
  • you will want to change specs (even if you deny it now)
  • it may turn out that you don't need even half of your requirements (you are still to find out which half you don't need so for now regard all of them as equally important)
  • no matter how much time we would spend on it or how precisely we'd describe the specs, it will turn out we understand some concepts differently
  • undoubtedly new opportunities will arise (legal-, market-, technology- or resource-driven) and you will want to leverage with them

As much as we want to deliver particular project to you, above all, we hope for a long-term business relationship. We care about your business safety and satisfaction. That is why with our high industry standards and engineering practices we will:

  • set up impassable, even, few-week periods that we shall call iterations
  • deliver working, useful product to you with each iteration. The product shall be constructed according to engineering and quality standards approved by you so you may experience the progress yourself and assess how well it's aligned with your business target
  • verify project's initial assumptions and analyse together with you all arising opportunities as they appear
  • discuss project's state and its surroundings to aid you with making decisions that lead to increasing your ROI
  • give you means to optimize and adjust the product to your needs by allowing you to amend, complete or re-prioritize the requirements

Wrapping up, regardless of the scale and complexity of your project you may (don't have to, but will be reminded every iteration):

  • examine and employ a working and useful software, assess the progress and alignment with your business or make decisions that maximise your ROI
  • change the priority and ordering of project tasks when desired
  • demand a production release of the product
  • choose to end the project if you feel it managed to meet your business goals sooner than predicted
  • terminate the project if the pace or quality of the product development does not meet your expectations (and you don't see how we could fix those issues for you)
  • terminate the project if market reality around you changes irreversibly

By cooperating within a framework built upon the above statements we will most likely achieve more than you assume time- and price-wise. In case of terminating or completing a project before the agreed deadline as a form of securing our interests and a token of recognition of our engagement, flexibility and solicitude for your business we shall receive 20% of the remaining budget as a bonus.

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