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About Codearte

We can bring your projects into life, taking it from the very first draft to a full-blown solution running in production.

We will do technical analysis, set up the hardware and the entire server infrastructure, code the application, test it and deploy it.

If you already have a system running, we will fix it, refactor the code and tune the performance. We can also help your team become proficient with the technologies that your company uses.

What do we do?

Powerful software solutions

Service Features


We have gained strong experience working on numerous projects. We know which solutions work and which don't. We work closely with our clients by employing the agile approach.

Service Features


We strive to constantly gain new skills and try new solutions. We apply and create bleeding-edge technology.

Service Features


We don't use golden hammers to create solutions for you. Instead, we make a choice that's driven by your needs.

Service Features

High quality

We are passionate about coding and we truly care about the quality of what we build. We ship high-quality applications on time.

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler

-- Albert Einstein --

Our Team

Creative & Original ideas of our passionate team make us unique in every sense.

Who are we anyway?

Meet true Java geeks

Choosing Codearte gives you access to a unique geek lab, composed of seven professionals (each 10+ years of hands-on experience) who spend every minute on developing software and sharpening theirs skills. We specialize in JVM technologies, modern database systems like NoSQL and NewSQL, as well as high-performance and high-availability solutions. We are profficient in Java (including JVM and GC tuning), JPA, Hibernate,Spring, Groovy, Spock, JUnit and Mockito. We also have broad skills related to setting up hardware and system infrastructure, as well as releasing and deploying applications with Continuous Delivery, including in-depth knowledge of Maven, Gradle and Jenkins.

Privately, we are involved in technology and open source communities. We are the authors and constant contributors, of JFairy, Accurest, Catch-Exception, Duramen and Gradle Nexus Staging Plugin. Apart from this, members of our team have contributed to many popular oss projects, such as Springboot, AssertJ, AppFuse, Awaitility and Jenkins DSL Stash PR Builder Plugin. You can also spot us speaking at numerous conferences, imparting specialised trainings and blogging about what's new and interesting in our fields.

Creativity is the steam that powers the locomotive of progress

-- Danny Cox --

Our Services

we transform your ideas into running software


Whether you want to build a brand new application or just clean up the old system, we will make your project a success.

What we offer

Custom applications

Enterprise Systems

HA Solutions


With the industry turning more and more to the Cloud, microservices are becoming more and more popular; we have developed microservice-based systems and can create such solutions suited to your needs


Legacy code refactoring


If you have your own development team and just need some consultations, we'll be happy to share our knowledge with them.

What we offer


Architecture review

Project troubleshooting

Development processes

Continuous Delivery


We share our knowledge on many community events and conferences, but if you need some custom training, feel free to contact us.

What we offer

JVM Tuning

High Performance Java

Spring & SpringBoot


Development tools

JVM Tuning

If your application suffers from bottlenecks that you can't pin down, or you'd like to compare different technologies - just drop us a few lines

What we offer


GC Tuning


Source code tuning

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